Arch Villain
Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary with Powers,

Talents, and Weapons!

Each player starts off as an ordinary human and becomes a super hero with powers, weapons, talents, and contacts.  While you're doing this the villain grows in power, comes after you again and again!  Will you push your luck and keep gaining strength, or go after the villain and end his reign of terror?  You choose and become the hero the world needs!

Learn to Be a Powerful Mage as You Restore the School of Wizards!

Your village has suffered terrible destruction and you must rebuild it with magic! You will meditate to gain power, learn new spells, hunt the dark creatures left in the land, and once again establish prosperity. Each player will gain victory by restoring the village and even bringing back Bellwether, the school of wizards!

Arch Villain: Two-Minute Taste

Dungeon Allies: Two-Minute Taste

Entertain Your Brain!

Madstone: Two-Minute Taste

Become a Legendary Commander!

Each player is the commander of a fantasy army!  Will you choose to recruit Vampires? Goblins? Humans or Elves?  Each card has different powers that work together to create a battle machine that will either conquer or flounder. Power your army and destroy those who oppose you when darkeness falls. Will you find a powerful combination that has never before been seen? Become legendary in Madstone!

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Dungeon Allies
5 Full Sets of Dungeon Dice!

Each player sends their own group of adventurers out for gold and glory in this exciting worker placement game. They explore the catacombs, find gold and magical gems, release prisoners, trade their booty in the village, gain skill through training, and buy fantastic magical items from the local sorcerer!  Get ready for strategy and indulge your inner medieval adventurer!

The Demise of Dr. Frankenstein
Build Hideous Monsters before the Villagers

Burn You Down!

Every mad scientist (in this case each player) is doing their best to cause mayhem and horror.  They will visit the strange old curator in town with his bizarre antiquities, spend time in the lab defying nature itself, and do their best to create as many humanoid monsters from local graveyards as possible!Type your paragraph here.