Finding John Carter
A cube drawing game where the cubes you draw are your crew!  You send them to complete tasks, upgrade your ship, buy goods, gain train and recruit smugglers so you can use the black market!

 Each player starts with a crew with limited skills. They can go to the academy and recruit more help or get trained with better skills.  At the market they can buy rocket fuel, navigation and weapons crystals, and even gain the money you might need.  You can send crew members to the shipyard to improve your ship and add boosters. In a series of missions you will eventually find John Carter.  Even though you are living in the future, he has found a gateway through time and space and calls for your help!

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Dungeon Allies is a worker placement game where dungeon dice are the workers you place!
In Finding John Carter draw cubes from your draw bag (your crew) and complete a series of missions!
In Traders & Raiders you build trade routes while rescuing resources from monster raiders!

"Great Game!"

Calvin Nicholson - About "Dungeon Allies."

Become a Legendary Commander!

Each player is the commander of a fantasy army!  Will you choose to recruit Vampires? Goblins? Humans or Elves?  Each card has different powers that work together to create a battle machine that will either conquer or flounder. Power your army and destroy those who oppose you when darkness falls. Will you find a powerful combination that has never before been seen? Become legendary in Madstone!

In Misty Ruins you explore a dungeon without knowing your identity or abilities! But as you face monsters and find treasure you find out who you are!


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Own a pro football team! 
The Board is a Stadium!

Draft players, build new features in your stadium, hire the right employees, buy equipment, and win the big bowl game! Stadium gives you full control to make your team and your stadium an unstoppable grid iron empire!

Arch Villain
Gain Powers, Talents, Contacts, Weapons, and More!

In this push-your-luck game you start off as ordinary and become extraordinary as you attempt to arrest the villain.  But he doesn’t make it easy.  As you are building, he is coming at you with growing strength!  You decide when you will stop preparing and take him down, but don’t wait too long.  Each villain gets tougher in each round!

In Madstone you decide to take monsters out or recruit them for your army!
In Stadium you are the owner of a pro football franchise! The board is a 3D stadium!

Dungeon Allies
5 Full Sets of Dungeon Dice!

Each player sends their own group of adventurers out for gold and glory in this exciting worker placement game. They explore the catacombs, find gold and magical gems, release prisoners, trade their booty in the village, gain skill through training, and buy fantastic magical items from the local sorcerer!  Get ready for strategy and indulge your inner medieval adventurer!

Games to Entertain your Brain!

If you're like me, It's so much more rewarding to have fun with a bunch of friends. I've published these games so you might have the kind of great game experiences that I love so much.

Misty Ruins
Fight Your Way Out of a Dungeon While You Try to Identify Who You Are!

Its much harder to fight monsters and discover treasure and weapons if you don’t know who you are or what you are good at!  But as you try, you find out clues to your identity and your homeland. If you can survive find out who you are, and walk out of the darkness with the most gold, you can win!

In Levitation - Masters of Magic you learn and perform illusions of the 1800s!

Masters of Magic!

A game of die drafting/worker placement/engine building game for 2 to 5 players set in the golden age of stage magic. Roll the custom dice with magic symbols and choose your teacher! Draft a die and build your show. The cards are illusions that make the engine that takes you to the largest cities of the 19th century! Each card gives you special advantages, each city gains you more acclaim and in turn gets you in front of audiences large and small!

Traders & Raiders
A traveling, trading, building, battling, worker placement, resource management, follower recruitment game in a medieval fantasy world!

Traders & Raiders is an medieval fantasy game where you have a character that will travel, trade (with villages in their travels--not with other players), build markets and merchant buildings, collect resources, recruit followers, and fight monsters that are raiding the towns.  As you choose your path, you may discover valuable potions and magic users who can use those potions and give you powerful advantages. Monsters may be just as expected or in an unanticipated rage the day you choose to enter their caverns. Miners, woodsmen, and farmers may help with needed resources. You may become a valiant warrior or a crafty merchant and builder--the best players will become both!

In Arch Villain you push your luck to gain powers, weapons, talents, and more to defeat evil!

"This is a fun game!  Pair with "Misty Ruins" and you will not be disappointed!"

Joshua Lee - About "Wazooga."

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