Other World
Every Character has a Mix of Weapon and Magic Skill! Prepare for Battle!

In this fantasy adventure characters choose cards that have both weapons and magic items!  They will be able to use one of the two, sometimes both, to manipulate dice in combat. Players spend time in the village getting ready for adventure, and they decide when they’re ready to enter the fray!

Entertain Your Brain!

Send game questions to me (Mark "Joe Magic" Hanny) at: mark@joemagicgames.com

UFO Hunter
Hunt for Evidence! Start Rumors! Reveal the Truth!

You travel the globe researching rumors, some started by you some started by other players!  Some are evidence some are traps.  Research can give you the insight you need, buying equipment can give you a technological edge, and weapons come in handy in case of a hostile encounter!

Own a pro football team! The Board is a Stadium!

Draft players, build new features in your stadium, hire the right employees, buy equipment, and win the big bowl game! Stadium gives you full control to make your team and your stadium an unstoppable empire!

Gain the power to combat evil! 

In this worker placement game villains appear spontaneously as you try to build your powers through technology, genetics, magic, and cosmic energy! Villains must not be allowed to run the city, they disrupt heroes at every turn!