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Each player chooses a character and each character has a level of ability with weapons and spells.  These levels determine what cards can be wielded in combat. The characters will be either able to use the weapon or the spell on any card, an sometimes both.  During the game, characters can improve these numbers by visiting the king.

There are always five new super powers to choose from.  If the hero has the right type of energy, he or she can acquire new powers like invisibility, invulnerability, flight, plasma blast, lightning reflexes, and many more!

Villain may appear spontaneously or be called out by heroes!  Each has a special power to make heroic tasks more difficult and can wound heroes who combat them.  But defeating them yields victory points toward a heroic victory!

Players each get 3 actions each round.  They place their hero cube on the board to show their action.  They can gain energy (tech, cosmic, magic, or genetic), gain new powers, train for combat, respond to distress calls, grab leadership, or go after the most wanted villains.

Gaining special benefits by gaining cards of two types.  First strange experiments and contraptions can be built, and with the right incentive, the local officers don't ask questions.  Second, smaller experiments in bringing unusual creatures to life will give knowledge on creating the ultimate human abomination.

Players can choose to colonize space by traveling to inhabitable planets in their galaxy.  Players can also choose to invade other's colonies, or they can choose to build shields around their own colonies to prevent invasion!

Players place their meeples on a space in the village or can move into the catacombs to confront monsters infesting the labyrinth. In the village players can  gain supplies, basic weapons, special weapons, serve in the king's army to gain influence, or even visit the king to increase in ability or have new magical weapons forged.

Players draw research tokens from a bag and place them in a common pool for all players to choose from.  When a player takes a token, he creates patterns on his own research board to indicate what type of knowledge is gained.  Players can manipulate tokens on the board by using this knowledge, or save it for future advancements.

In combat players roll dice and compare it to the monster's dice.  Weapons and spells allow player to manipulate, add, and subtract dice. Creatures get harder the deeper in the catacombs the players explore until they reach the mystic portal where the monsters originate. Combat inside the abyss is difficult, but yields high rewards.

Body parts taken from recently buried corpses are assembled to make monsters and score victory points.  The question is, can you do it before the villagers burn your lab to the ground?

One thing players can do with their newly acquired knowledge is evolve.  These cards allow players to enhance their research and space exploration!

8 dice are rolled and placed on six action spaces.  Each player chooses actions based on the die rolls including digging in the graveyard, gaining gold at the trading post, gaining advantages by bribing local officers, visiting the local macabre shop owner, and more.