Spells are one of 3 orders: The pegasus, the dragon, or the unicorn.  Dark creatures are vulnerable to one type of magic.  Players gain points for ridding the world of the creatures.  Spells also give additional benefits such as bonus energy when certain actions are performed.  Players gain points simply for knowing spells.

There are 6 factions of creatures; human, elf, vampire, goblin, undead and dwarves.  Players can recruit any creature for their army, but creatures of matching factions enhance a player's ability to perform special actions. Cards are all different and have special abilities that can be performed in addition to the basic abilities that every player has.

Players each have two characters.  Each character has a combat specialty like melee weapons, fire spells, or artifact magic. Each also has one die, starting with a d4 and d6. These dice are placed on one area of the board.  If they are placed in the 
excursion area, the character is 
adventuring into the catacombs to discover gems, gold, and gain glory in combat. Characters can also seek out a trainer to give them more powerful dice.

Players choose one of 4 actions in the game. Those actions are meditate to gain energy, hunt horrible monsters, re-build buildings and civilization advances, study ancient spells. With meditation players gain one of four types of magical energy.  That energy can be used to do extra damage to monsters, learn extra spells, build extra buildings and more!

Each player drafts soldiers, wizards, and creatures to fight the giants in behalf of his kingdom.  Once cards are selected, players pay gold to hire them and uses weapons or spell power to activate them in combat!  Many characters have special abilities in addition to attack power!

Damage is done to Giants' head, arms, torso, and feet.  When a player effectively hits part of the giant, that player takes a token from that giant from that body part.  These tokens allow players to roll for victory points or more power!

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Players choose one of 5 actions each turn and play them secretly.  If multiple players choose the same action, they must pay to perform that action.  The actions include travel by bus or boat, travel by plane, buy equipment, start rumors and research other player's rumors, or publish research to gain money.

Each expansion for the Endless Land will allow an additional 5 players for a maximum of 15 players.  And since all play is simultaneous play continues at a fast pace. Each expansions adds 5 new characters and character meeples, four new modular map boards, 6 new types of goods, 36 new building, weapon, and heroic cards, and hundreds of goods tokens. That means dozens of new ways to trade, explore, conquer, and build your empire. These expansions are available by special order only.  Contact mark@joemagicgames.com.

Re-building the town, such as roads, agriculture, and the school known as Bellwether can be stopped by creatures blocking the progress.  Creatures can be hunted or can spontaneously appear on different places on the game board.

Players place their friends on the board between the zombies and the compound.  The pattern created by these allies determine the weapons the players finds.  You can mow down zombies with every conceivable weapon from dump trucks to bug spray.  Placing allies in the field of battle puts them in danger as they search for these weapons.

Each player starts with a commander. The commander card shows basic actions, on each turn players take two of these actions.  They can draw cards, gain power crystals, or attack creatures with the option to kill them for points or capture them for their army. The starting power of each army is 2 (shown on the commander card). This shows the maximum crystals a player can gain on each turn and the number of crystals that can be spent to attack creatures.

Tokens are randomly rolled onto the table and players choose them each turn to gain gold, power, and bonuses.  The more tokens with your color means the more you can draw--but beware--to many tokens of your color means the giants are targeting your army to stomp out of existence!

Players move around the world to investigate rumors.  Some rumors will render evidence found (victory points) and some lead to disaster. Players must choose if they will rush into a country to be the first to discover evidence, or will they do research first to make sure they are not headed into a trap.

Players choose their goals by drafting cards.  Red cards are buildings for points and producing goods, Blue cards are heroic titles given to great warriors, and green cards are items that any player can buy--such things are ships to sail from port to port, a horse to travel faster and weapons and armor to destroy evil creatures.

There are two colors of crystals, red and gold.  Either can be spent to attack creatures, but the gold are also worth victory points. Cards in hand can be placed on the board to gain red crystals.  Those cards (creatures) now are available for other players to kill or capture.  Gold crystals can only be gained by creatures special abilities.

Eight action cards are shuffled each turn.  Players choose whether they will take the action and all are done simultaneously by all players. Players move from town to town on a modular board, gain goods to trade or use to build, trade goods where they're in demand, Or even raiding a monster's lair for gold or gems!

Games Overviews

Madstone is the same game as Madstone Chronicles except using faction cards instead of a faction board.

Madstone includes the 4 basic factions of elves, vampires, humans and goblins.

When players start rumors, they see what the possible evidence is, draw a card to determine the location of the rumor, and then have an opportunity to put money on that rumor if they wish.  If they put money on the rumor, they share the reward if another player discovers it.  They may bluff and put money on a false rumor to lure other players to that site.

Players can trade in the town they are in or in a town where they have built a stronghold.  Strongholds also produce goods.  Stealing from towns, other players, and marauding strongholds is an action option, but failure will increase a player's reputation for evil which could mean prison time.  Player's may choose to have weapons and defeat monsters for gold and victory points.

Gems can be found, just by treasure hunting. The more valuable gems and gold, however, can only be gained by defeating creatures who are guarding them. Gems can be used to cast 
powerful spells in the catacombs, and traded for sorcerer’s items. Those you rescue from the crypts will reward you by giving you valuable treasure.

The cards collected can be used for many different actions.  They can be used to gather intel, place explosives in a probable path of a zombie, or push zombies into traps or other players allies.  Different weapons found on cards take out zombies in different ways--your skill may bag you several at once!

In the end you get victory points for gold.  But you also get victory points for many other things.  Those things are determined by the items you buy from the sorcerer.  More dice can be used to fulfill your quest if you recruit followers from the tavern.  Followers will only go with you on adventures if you’re allies’ skills exceeds their own.

There are ordinary zombies, but there are also zombies you heard of.  Zombie Sherlock Holmes can detect traps and always moves into allies.  Zombie Santa does not eat the brains of nice allies, only naughty ones.  And Zombie Shakespeare has a death scene that lasts so long, it seems he never goes away.