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The Endless Land
Conquer by Trade, Destroying Dragons, Marauding, or Building!

In this wide-open world adventure, players establish strongholds and trade routes, go into dark caverns in search of conquest and treasure, conquer other players’ holdings, or build empires of commerce and industry. There are many paths to victory and in the course of the game players may undertake many different strategies.

Misty Ruins
Fight Your Way Out of a Dungeon While You Try to Identify Who You Are!

Its much harder to fight monsters and discover treasure and weapons if you don’t know who you are or what you are good at!  But as you try, you find out clues to your identity and your homeland. If you can survive find out who you are, and walk out of the darkness with the most gold, you can win!

Famous Zombies
How Will You Handle Zombie Sherlock? Zombie Merlin? Zombie Santa?

Players do their best to build a fighting group of terrified humans to battle the most famous zombies of history (both real and fictional). Zombie Jesse James is still packing!  Zombie Sherlock’s death scene is so long, it seems he never dies!  Any item can be a weird weapon. Keep the famous zombies at bay if you can!

Six Giants Attack!  Can You be the Best Defender?

Players will draft kingdom members, hire them, and use them to knock out as many parts of the six giants as possible! They may have to shoot for the feet to weaken the creatures, or they may take a glorious head shot for more glory! Use iron or magic, the choice is yours!